My early sporting interests lay in Athletics, competing for Spain at the World Championships in 1995. I gained vast experience over the years in endurance events, including marathons (2h 43m London 2011) and Triathlons (participant World Championships London 2013). I combine my education in BSc (Hons) Sport Science with my knowledge of strength and conditioning to help clients to successfully achieve their
goals. I pursued a career in Health and Fitness, setting up as an independent personal trainer at Dolphin Fitness Club and I coach the prestigious Kings College Triathlon Club based in Central London.


I will take you through a creative workout plan to help you reach your targets in an effective manner, providing motivation, knowledge and expertise. Sessions may sometimes be tough but I can guarantee they will always be safe, effective, varied and enjoyable. I believe in using patience, care and attention to detail to ensure clients achieve optimal progress.


  • BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science
  • UK British Triathlon Level 2 Coach
  • UK Athletics Level 3 Endurance Coach
  • Spanish Athletics Level 3 Coach
  • Diploma in Personal Training Lifetime International
  • Post Graduate in Sport Rehabilitation and injuries management (Spain)

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Please note, all Personal Trainers are self-employed (not directly employed by Dolphin Square Ltd.), and as such, any services acquired from them make up a contract with said Personal Trainer and not Dolphin Square Gym.

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