If you haven’t met me at Dolphin yet then I’m sure you’ve heard me. I’m the trainer shouting “up…up…UP!” in an Irish accent as my clients smash their 1 Rep Max record. My clients are the super-fit-looking bunch logging workouts in black folders, who range from housewives to professional athletes. Bodyfat hates me. As a Biosignature Practitioner and Poliquin Strength Coach, industry-leading qualifications in strength and aesthetics, I have the knowledge, practical application and experience to make you superhuman and look amazing. I can even make you look good in Speedos – well, almost…


Training sessions are the tip of the iceberg. My clients achieve incredible results through following individual nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle strategies outside the gym. You’ll find me at the free-weights area making men and women athletic and lean. You won’t find me around the treadmills – hamster wheels are for hamsters.


  • Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner
  • Poliquin PICP Strength & Conditioning Coach Level 2
  • OLF Olympic Weightlifting Coach
  • CHEK Female Training Specialist
  • CHEK Scientific Back Training Specialist
  • CHEK Scientific Core Conditioning Specialist

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