Faryad Goudarzi

Core Strength



When you train with me, you not only achieve your desired results within a short space of time, but you also get a tailor made training regime, which will last you a lifetime. My training techniques are not just martial arts based but cover all aspects of weight training, core exercises and weight loss.


Fitness is a lifestyle and I will take you through the techniques and the discipline necessary to achieve this. I will motivate and make you see your full potential even when you don’t see it yourself and want to give up. With me you’ll get a Personal Trainer that is firm and tough; when I feel you can handle it yet inspiring and encouraging enough that you’ll get addicted and want to train more.


  • REPS Level 3 Advanced Personal Training
  • Kettlebells Instructor
  • Suspended Movement Training
  • Medicine Ball Training
  • 6th Dan Black Belt


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Please note, all Personal Trainers are self employed and not employed by Dolphin Square LTD. They all carry their own insurances and simply rent the facilities in order to conduct their business. Should you have any queries, please contact the personal trainer directly.

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