My education and success in my own body transformation is the perfect model for you to use to meet the goals you want for rapid change and overall wellness. I’m the short guy, predominantly in the free weights area, tossing around weights massively bigger than my head. Having originally been a competitive cross country runner, I sought to improve my ‘skin and bones’ physique and focused my attention on enhancing my body shape through intricate knowledge of training and nutrition.


It’s vitally important to combine tailor-made training programs with a solid trainer/client relationship to achieve optimum results. Train hard in the gym and when outside, maintain your motivation!


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Please note, all Personal Trainers are self employed and not employed by Dolphin Square LTD. They all carry their own insurances and simply rent the facilities in order to conduct their business. Should you have any queries, please contact the personal trainer directly.

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Dino Chavda

Body Composition & Aesthetics

Francesco Cappellini

Strength & Conditioning

Ryan Mcmahon

Hormonal / Site-Specific Fat Reduction

Philippe Ndongmo

12 Week Body Transformation Program

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DSQ Gym is completely independent, enabling us to set the very highest standards, control the quality and choose the facilities that our members and residents demand. Together with our multi award-winning Moroccan spa, the Club is an excellent way for residents and local residents to help to achieve health and wellness.