Hi! My name is Brian, a personal trainer, sport massage therapist and group fitness instructor. Born in Grenada, I first turned my passion for sports into a career at a five star hotel teaching many genre of fitness classes. Certified in personal and group fitness in the US, I moved to London and added sport massage therapy to my skills developing a particular interest in biomechanics. I have worked with many different ages and fitness levels, from being a school PE teacher to working with marathon runners and residents in a retirement home. My 3-Dimensional functional system offers bespoke programs tailored to individual needs.


MOVEMENT! We were designed to move – movement is medicine, it facilitates life, enjoyment, de-stresses, relaxes and promotes wellbeing.
“… looking at the bodyʼs anatomy, none of our muscles run in a straight line. By training 3-dimensionally you avoid training repetitively in one direction preventing injury and optimising the bodyʼs efficiency”


  • Certificate in Sport Massage Therapy
  • ACE Personal Trainer Level 3
  • AFAA Personal Trainer Certification Level 3
  • Gary Grey; Fast Function
  • CHEK Primal Pattern Movement
  • CHEK Program Design – Reps, Sets and Tempo.
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor (ACE & AFFA)

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