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Ab Attack

Ab Attack, Core Conditioning Core Strength & Stretch
All you need to tighten up those abs and strengthen that back in a 30 or 45 min session.you will use a variety of techniques to develop your core strength, this is your chance to say goodbye to sit-ups.

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Body Pump

Weight training to music! during this session you will work every muscle in your body and then continue to burn the calories afterwards while your muscles get stronger and you tone up.



A workout designed to develop core strength and flexibility through moves that focus on coordination and relaxation using slow movements.



Cycle training at its best! You will be led through some of the best mountains and speed circuits while listening to inspiring music. You are in control of the resistance throughout the workout so your mountains are as big as you want them!


Yin Yoga

A slower paced practice based on yin principles. We start with some warming sequences to work with the musculature of the body: the awareness then continues deeper into the ligaments and fascia. This connective tissue surrounds the muscles and joints and responds more effectively to slow, sustained postures. Ultimately encouraging a sense of lightness and ease in the way we move.



A dance based aerobic workout that incorporates a fusion of Latin and international music to create a dynamic, exciting and effective exercise system.


Other Classes

Other Classes Include: Ab Attack, Aqua, Asthanga Yoga, Belly Fit, Body Conditioning, Body Pump, Cardio Burn, Taekwondo, Dynamic Yoga, Float Fit, Grit Strength, Hatha Yoga, HIIT Circuit, Tai Chi, Kempo Jujitsu Self Defence, LBT (Legs, Bums and Tums), Pilates, Piyo, Qi Gong Meditation, Resistance Core Conditioning, HIIT Body Blast, Les Mills RPM, Shaolin Kung Fu, Spinning, Studio Cycling, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Flow, Yin Yoga, Yoga, Zumba

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