Top Fitness Trends of 2019 - Workout Tips and Guides - DSQ Gym

With the New Year upon us, it’s time to cull the stale fitness routine we never quite managed to click with, and take on a fresh, new training regime for 2019. We’ve handpicked the fitness trends predicted to make tracks next year, so tie your laces, pick a workout-partner, and choose your class!

Dance classes

Dance classes are predicted to grow massively in popularity, with a special focus on two types of dance in particular. First, there’s Barre: a mixture of ballet, yoga and pilates, forming a workout which sculpts the body and improves flexibility and strength. Then, there’s the Bokwa class, which sees participants using their body to spell out letters and numbers to fast-paced music.

Strength training

Despite gaining popularity amongst both sexes in recent years, the ‘strong not skinny’ mantra is evermore prominent, with an increasing amount of gym-goers incorporating barbells into their fitness regime, building a healthy amount of muscle. Exercise is moving away from size, and gearing towards strength: Pinterest said the term ‘strength training’ was searched 415% more this year.

Combat sport

Following the emphasis on strength, combat sport is dubbed to be a hit in 2018, with kickboxing at the forefront of the trend. As well as burning calories and building endurance, combat sport enables you to sweat away stress and beat mental fatigue, building strength in both body and mind.

Yoga wheels

Slowly becoming increasingly noticeable in Yogis’ Instagrams and blog posts, yoga wheels are set to take the lead in yoga practice in 2018. Varying in size, yoga wheels can be used in lots of different ways and offer a multitude of benefits, from quad and hip stretching, to back, chest and shoulder opening. Stretching and strengthening your spine, yoga wheels can be used in a range of poses such as bridges and headstands.

Family workouts

With 4 in 5 children not getting enough exercise each day (recommended 60 minutes per day), families are really being encouraged to form healthy habits that last a lifetime. Motivating each other to leave the sofa and get endorphins pumping, family workouts are set to be another big fitness trend for the New Year. Also, as the baby boomer generation progresses into retirement, we’re noticing a real rise in age-appropriate fitness classes to maintain boost health. So, no excuses, grab your family and join a class or plan a workout together!

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